About Us

Who are we?

Congolese Network of Organic Agriculture(RECABIO) is a Congolese NGO working in organic agriculture.
With its partners around the world, it is committed to fighting poverty and malnutrition by providing access to resources to local communities.

Through charitable actions

Our mission

Congolese Network of Organic Agriculture(RECABIO) Make organic and ecological strategies and practices that are rational between different stakeholders and involved, through scientific innovations resulting from research, through participation in markets, awareness and communication, through the creation of networks in organic farming and through the creation of partnerships.

Though charitable actions

Our vision

Creation of a dynamic, resilient organic and ecological farming system for improved nutritional quality and food security for sustainable development in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Through charitable actions

Need help?

Information is also a part of RECABIO. You can have news, statistics, technologies to use in agriculture.

  • +243 829 678 507

  • contact@recabio.org

  • Avenue de la Montagne,Commune d'Ibanda, Ville de Bukavu, DR Congo

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